SFH House Hack Tenant/Landlord Relation Questions

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Hello BP Community,

I am about to begin offering on SFHs in my area for a house hack. I am looking into a 3/2 and already have 2 tenants lined up after closing. I had a few questions regarding Landlord/Tenant Relations and general house hacking questions for a SFH house hack. I am going to dump all my questions below, but feel free to answer some or all of them if possible! Thanks in advance.

1. Do I still need to require my tenants to have renters insurance. If so, how much?

2. In what cases would you suggest I require a Cosigner (I am suspecting I will need this for one of the tenants, as they are still in college and working part time)

3. What is a normal Deposit to hold amount?

4. If we are all splitting utilities, internet etc.. should they be in all of our names? Is it smarter/safer to just tack it onto the rent and put it all under my name?

5. Does a notice to enter apply to any of the property even if I own it?

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Hi Anthony,

Not all landlords require renters insurance. This may be a state thing but in WA many do not require it. 

The cosigner would be nice if the person doesn't have 2X the monthly income as the rent. Another option is requiring a higher deposit. You will also want to decide what credit score works for you. I usually want a 600 or better. 

I like to hold a deposit in the same amount as the rent. Most of my units are 1200ish.

As a former LEO, an officer has to find out if a person in the house has the authority to allow the officer entry into a rented room. I would assume it is the same for the landlord. The lease would spell out the time needed for a notice to enter. Here in WA it is 48 hours. For a full home rental or a room. There may be precedent where this doesn't apply but it is better to be on the safe side. 

Hope this helped. Ty