Advertising for a new Rental???

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Hello BP! I just recently acquired a new rental in Sarasota, FL.

I was wondering what are some of the best ways you have found to advertise for your rental.

please share all of your creative/ unexpectedly effective Ideas that brought you the most qualified tenants.

@Joshua Rountree

Hey Joshua,

My wife signed us up for nextdoor. Com. People use it to share events, ask questions from their local community, etc. I've seen a few rentals listed there by people who didn't seem to know about Zillow, craigslist, etc.

I've also seen offmarket FSBOs on Nextdoor as well, but nothing in Sarasota which has grabbed my attention yet.

There is also Facebook marketplace, but that is more known.



@Joshua Rountree in regards to sharing creative and unexpected ways,

I have been in about four different industries. The Rental business/property management business has been the least flexible and creative one I’ve experienced.

It’s very much follow the steps, do your due diligence and enjoy the somewhat passive income