Tenant-proofing tips and tricks?

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First time home buyer here under contract for a 2/2 split masters condo right down the street from 4 colleges/universities. I plan on living in the property for a couple years and then rent out eventually. We close in 20 days and I'm trying to build up my remodel itinerary and timeline. Reaching out to the more experienced rehabbers/remodelers, what materials did you guys choose that had a longer use and/or were more resistant to wear n' tear?

The discussion is open to all ideas and materials, but so far I've learned to paint with mildew primer in the bathrooms followed with semi-gloss paint, go with American Standard Cadet 3 style toilets, install commercial grid drains, still on the fence about high end laminate flooring or wood style tile, etc. etc. 

I like the toilets that are advertised to plush a pile of golf balls. I put one upstairs because my kids kept clogging the toilet. They could never stop that one up.
Storm doors don't hold up well to abuse. If you already have a covered porch don't put up a storm door.
No carpet if possible. I use vinyl strips that interlock with a glue strip. I get these at Surplus Warehouse and they look like hardwood floors. They hold up extremely well. Cheaper laminate floors have a thin covering and swell if water is left on them.