Utiliy expenses and tenants

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Curious here. At the moment I am renting out my primary residence and relocating. In discontinuing my name on the utilities, mainly water and electric, the representative said that they would put the new tenants on the account, but if they default I am ultimately still responsible as the homeowner. Ok.

My question is, as a landlord for an investment property and new tenants, is this also the case? If the tenant defaults on rent and then utilities, would I ultimately be responsible for the utilities as the homeowner?

What is a typical arrangement for utilities? Obviously I would like to shift all accountability to the tenant. Just trying to hear different opinions and arrangement. Thank you!

In my municipality, I can put the gas and electric entirely in the tenant's name/account, so I'm not liable for that at all. For water and sewer, I can't do that, and I can't even put the tenant on the account - it's just billed to me directly, regardless who lives there.

@Christopher Davis

All my tenants pay 100% of their utilities. However, if the relocate out of the area and don’t pay the water bill, the city will charge me for that. I verify water bill is paid prior to returning damage deposits.

Ok thanks very much. I was speaking specifically of the water bill, about what they told me. It sounds like water is unique  in that it is ultimately tied to the homeowner in case the tenants default.