International tenant screening ~ Teacher from Spain

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Dear BP Friends,

We are seriously considering signing a lease with a tenant who is a teacher from Spain.

He is here for a one year contract teaching at a local elementary school which we know and respect.

We understand there is not a way to run a credit check and background check as he is just recently entered the U.S.

We understand he will provide his new ss# and passport.

However our real estate agent tells us an NTN check may not reveal any useful data, as there will be no previous addresses or

history in the U.S. as he only arrived here last month. So the check will not access his history in Spain.

We see on Landlordology there is a company Nova, who is able to import credit history from other countries, but Spain is not included on their list of active countries. I did not find any additional information for international prospects in searching the BP forums, or in reviewing the Tenant Screening resource on BP.

Might anyone have a similar experience, and may you have a suggestion on how to obtain background and credit and payment history on a new international tenant?

We will call references, but at a loss for how else to research this individual.

Many many thanks in advance,