Home Warranty Recommendations - Firing our PM

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I have had some pretty bad luck with PM's in the Atlanta area and I'm ready to give up. Other investors have suggested getting a home warranty company to handle repairs and maintenance. It sounds good to me and so I was wondering if others here could chime in with their experience with this and companies that they recommend? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.  

Here is my experience with several Home warranty companies:  They pay the least to the vendors, so it is tough to get them out there when it's an urgent situation.  Example:  AC when it's 105 outside.  Vendors will come by for 10 minutes and state they can' fix it until next Wednesday because they need a part. Then they will deny stating the unit hasn't been serviced and is not covered.

Another time with Old Republic, a 20 year on dishwasher ran, but no longer cleaned anything.  Since nothing was actually broken, they had nothing to fix and stated there was nothing they could do.  They refused to pay for a replacement although the owner had the warranty for 6+ years. they still charged us the $75 service fee.  

Horrible.   for tenants, horrible for owners.  takes a lot of follow through when one call to a tech would have resolved the problems the first time. 

I recommend saving the money and handling the repairs yourself by calling a repair person, or getting another PM. Get one who is a member of NARPM.  Best of luck.  I am a landlord and a PM, so there are good ones out there, you just have to find them. 

Good points. Thank you. I have been doing things that way but it’s a lot more work. Maybe only because it’s the beginning and once I get a team I can count on them it will be easier. 

I agree with the above - the home warranty companies do not treat anything with urgency or respect, and their vendors are the oftentimes the typical definition of "overworked and underpaid". You will spend more time chasing them down, especially for major repairs, than the actual repair time.  A friend of mine went without working a/c for 10 days because the vendor was busy.

Home warranty companies are useless rip-off's. Their 'contractors' are not necessarily skilled in the trades and if they can't fix something or it costs more to fix than they determine to replace, per the agreement they only need replace with "contractor grade" items - not like items. Plus their service charge everytime someone shows up is how they make their money and the contractors know this. first visit is to evaluate ($75.00), next visit is to fix, but wrong part ($75.00), and so on.

I have a suite of trusted contractors and repair people I have made deals with. Cheaper and more reliable.