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Looking to invest in property management software. I manage my own properties and I'm looking for a very simple way to track rent, maintenance, etc. Some units I own and others I have partners with. Thanks for the help.

@Tyler Matthews I agree with Sharen Tennant cloud is the most comprehensive free/paid platform I have seen. Appfolio is the a paid professional option.  below is a lost of other options I looked into but some are missing a maintenance tracking option.
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Hi @Tyler Matthews ,

Maintenance ticketing system is fairly common for Property Management Systems (PMS).  Same with online rent collection.

I'm curious by your partner, do they need access or what is their involvement for management?  There are two levels of PMS: professional vs. personal.  

Personal is typically free or low cost for landlords, but only has 1 member allowed.  Professional is typically targeted to PMs and larger portfolios, have higher costs and more functions but comes with a hefty fee that small landlords can't justify.

@Tyler Matthews I use Tellus to manage my properties. It's a nice app that helps track (and collect) rent, and log your maintenance tickets. And it's also nice if you're partnering with other people and want them to be able to see it too since the app supports multi-user and co-owners. I have my mom and husband as co-owners of my properties so we can all stay in sync. If one of them adds a receipt I see it automatically on my end. Very helpful customer service too!

I've been using TenantCloud for the past few months and have been impressed with what they offer for a free / very inexpensive property management software. What I like about TenantCloud over something like is that it has automated template leases / notices, electronic signatures, an accounting feature, and great reporting features. I've not used Buildium or Appfolio, but know others who have and have great things to say about both. The only issue with these two options for smaller scale DIY landlords is that they're designed and priced for larger property management operations and are therefore cost prohibitive.

@Tyler Matthews if you're interested in managing your affairs on an Android or iOS mobile app, TenantCloud is the way to go. The app is intuitive and their customer support is excellent. These guys are the future for landlords and property management companies.