Anyone having trouble removing tenants?

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Hi. My property is in Baltimore County, Maryland. My tenants have not paid rent since June. They never contacted me to discuss their situation due to COVID. They have just not paid and have pretty much said they will live there (rent free) until they are forced to leave. I have filed a Tenant Holding Over since their lease has now expired and I received a court date in March. These people are living in my house for free and there's no way I can get rid of them. I plan to call the courthouse tomorrow, but I don't feel confident that I will be able to change anything. Anyone have any advice? Is anyone else experiencing a similar situation?

You should hire an attorney to ensure it's done properly. If you make one little mistake, they can walk away without penalty. Although they may be able to avoid paying rent due to COVID, they will eventually have to pay or face eviction and judgment.