Kitchen cabinets - fast

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I’m turning one of my rentals and found that the cabinets are trashed. IKEA ( my usual go to) has 1 month lead time. Any thoughts on online cabinet sellers that have fast turn around? I’m in Portland, OR if that helps...

Thanks for your help!

Home Depot/Lowe's

In stock.  Hickory . It is made of real wood.  Already assembled. You can almost hit them with a hammer and not see anything.  They will out live you. Go load them up and level them out and bingo!

Simple and lifetime!!!

Yep, I've purchased cabinets from Home Depot and they were good quality for a good price.

Not sure where you live, but in Denver there are a couple options that we use.  One of them is a J&K Cabinetry.  Another is Stone International.  There are so many out there - you could probably start googling.  I've never used Cabinets to Go - I guess they could work out - but usually pretty expensive compared to other good options.  

I just finished an apartment with very basic cabinets and the lead time was 8 weeks on standard cabinets. Construction materials are in short supply As well. The increase in building throughout Colorado and other states and workers out with Covid, has pushed prices on the wood to very high levels while the availability is low. It is best to expect and plan on delays.

@Andy Kaplan we paint grungy cabinets with semi gloss white, from Bhre the scuff proof stuff. New hardware. Looks fantastic. No Sanding. Just degreese with vinegar, windex. Remove from cab. Remove hardware. Paint cab face and doors wuth 6" foam roller. Usually dont do inside, but last 2 we did. Yiu can pay a painter to spray insides and fronts of diirs. Recent rental rehab paid $500 labor. Prior was larger and $1300.

Bhre premium semi gloss does not spray well. Sherwin has 2 better paints, the pro classic semi gloss white, sprays well. And the Uber expensive but goes over oil based paint Emersld urathane trim enamel, it's latex little smell but emerald is $100 / gal without a discount.. ugh! Just bought 3 gallons.

Pm me fir pictures. Can't figure out how to attach a file via bp mobile..

I have always found Home Depot to be the best price and sadly the quickest turnaround here in Colorado.  If you can salvage the cabinet boxes, you can try to reface the doors only with Nieu cabinet doors.