Allentown PA Rentals

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My Friend and I are looking to purchase our first rental properties in Allentown PA. Any feedback and guidance will be greatly appreciated. As well as anyone interested in working together. We are always open to opportunity. Thank you

Why Allentown specifically? I definitely get the reasoning for PA vs NJ but always curious why people pick specific markets. Are there any areas within Allentown that you are targeting?

@Charlie Cooper Through my research it seems that Allentown is great for cash flowing rentals and isn't too far from me. We are thinking of focusing on the lower income areas. Fixer upper rentals. We are skeptical and trying to do are due diligence right now.

@Mike Bitette you should be able to find some decent deals for a low entry point (120k and under). In Allentown there are some good pockets that are nicer blocks/neighborhoods, but also check out the surrounding cities, Whitehall/catasaqua/bethlehem slightly better than some parts of allentown and could yield slightly better rents.

@Mike Bitette

Truly do your due diligence in Allentown. Once you have a property targeted, take a ride over in the evening, not just during the day….

I steer clear of Allentown myself, both owning and doing work.