Do you provide new shower curtains for your rentals?

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Do you provide new shower curtains for your rentals During the make ready for a new tenant?

Updated about 2 months ago

For clarification I’m referring to shower liners Not shower curtains.

Nope that is a personal decision and something the tenant is responsible for.  Same with curtains I provide blinds but often people want to coordinate both of these things with their decorations.  

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Yes, when we turn units we take down the old shower curtain and replace it with a new one. They are $5 at Wal-Mart for the plastic ones. 

I think it goes miles to building goodwill with a new tenant. Imagine moving in to a new place, sweating your a** hauling things and at the end of a long day you want to take a shower and there isn't a curtain so you either have to run out and get one or dig through your stuff to find it. I don't think that starts the landlord/tenant relationship off on the right foot.  

Now if they want to have their own decorative one that hangs out the outside, that's on them. 

I'd like to be treated that way so I treat my tenants that way. We also leave a full roll of toilet paper in each bathroom for the same reason. 

Never.  Old one is removed during tenant turn and tossed.  New one is supplied by the new tenant that fits their taste.  The rod stays but the curtain doesn't and a new one isn't provided.  

Hi @Joe S. , Landlord’s are not required to by law, however if you have experience in the business you realize providing a shower curtains is a good thing, then you may do so. 

Originally posted by @Wale Lawal :

Hi @Joe S., Landlord’s are not required to by law, however if you have experience in the business you realize providing a shower curtains is a good thing, then you may do so. 

So do you provide a fresh shower curtain? 

Absolutely, I definitely provide a shower curtain ( albeit a cheap one). As mentioned in the above post, it is a nice, courteous , thing to do for a new tenant. You also have to realize that not all tenants will try to keep water damage off of your bathroom floor. If they have a shower curtain, at least you pointed them in the right direction to use it. 

Yes.  We make units like new.  We get quality tenants, low issues, and higher rents by making units look good.  My budy doesn't do anything for people, repairs bare minimum, has higher turn over and repairs and tenants that trash units.  I fully believe in a quality product attracts quality tenants and worth the few bucks a shower curtain cost.

Usually buying all my stuff at once at lowes or home depot to get money off with coupons and card.  Walmart a good place to.  Nothing fancy, just something nice, simple and clean.  We also leave them a role of paper towels, pack of toilet paper, dish shop, hand soap, and a new plunger.  Just things to make first night easier for them.  Oh and a pack of furnace filters and direction on when to change them.

@Joe S. , 

About 2 years ago, I purchased a large pack of them( different colors, white, blue, green, gray) from I purchased about 25 of them, and the average cost was about 1 dollar per curtain. I also use these to cover the windows when the house is vacant ( instead of new blinds each time), to keep people from looking into the house, and to give the new tenants some privacy when they are moving their stuff into the house. 

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We have discovered that almost every tenant changes the existing shower curtains. We always install one but it is literally from the dollar store. So it's a "starter" so they don't hose down the bathroom but we expect they would replace it with their own.

I would say generally no.  But on a really high end rental, I would provide a really nice white liner, so it shows well, or to prevent someone from using really cheap ones, that let water out on to the floor.

I typically stop by a dollar tree and put together a small welcome package for $10. As Chris above mentioned, I get shower curtain, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, body wash/shampoo, and a welcome greeting card. After a day of moving, it’s nice to be able to take a shower or use a toilet without digging through your boxes or driving to the store. It’s a cheap way to start the relationship on the right foot.

No. But I do provide 3 furnace filters every quarter and send a reminder to change them when they pay the rent each month. It wouldn't be a bad idea to purchase an uber cheap plastic clear shower curtain to get them started. I like the idea of the welcome package. May try that with my next two turnovers coming up.

We provide a fresh shower liner (not curtain, there's a difference) and require that the outgoing tenant leave a new shower liner behind unless they can make the existing one spotless. No one ever does/can, so they get tossed and a new one gets left in the unit. We charge the new liner against the deposit unless the tenant has left a new one. Most tenants will leave a new $1-2 liner from the dollar store, which is fine by us. We also make sure a new HVAC filter has been left behind or we will do the same. We require 2 new filters at the house - one fresh one that can be installed immediately, that we usually install, and one brand new one under the sink or similar for replacing the existing, so they can bring the existing one as a template to buy new ones. 

In general, most of the time we are replacing the filters and the shower liners are about 50/50. 

@Joe S.

Yes, I used to not supply them but I had tenants not use a curtain at all and ruin my bathrooms and downstairs ceilings. They are cheap and then I can guarantee that water is mostly contained. That being said I’ve been converting to shower doors to contain water even better and drive rents higher. Cheers!

We do not provide new shower curtains for our rentals. We've noticed that tenants usually like to buy one that fits their aesthetic, so it's not worth the effort.