Shower or Tub for rentals?

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I need to replace a tub in a bathroom at a rental property and noticed that putting in a shower may be incrementally cheaper than replacing with a tub. I also imagine injuries are less common in showers than bath tubs.

However in saying that I rented for years and always saw tubs.

What are thoughts on showers vs tubs in rental properties?

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I agree with the pro tub comments.  If you have ever had to bathe a 2-5 year old you would know how difficult that is without a tub.  But, I guess it depends on the size of your rental and what your target market is.  If it's not families, then maybe that would work.  But do they have dogs??  

Depends on the property and who you are marketing for. I’ve found it’s more about type of surround, doors, and fixtures then tub vs shower for cost. 

@Jacob Wiltshire , I'd never rent anywhere that didn't have a shower, and I'm not alone.  [In and out in under ten minutes - job done].  On the other hand, my Step-mom had her bathroom renovated to remove the tub in favor of a shower (because getting in and out had become problematic).

Nice long soaks in a bath could be deemed a must for many folk.  So yes, install a tub that is also designed to allow a wall shower with appropriate solid Screen to be attached, or at the very least install an overhead Rail with plastic Shower Curtain.  Good luck...

@Jacob Wiltshire While I would never not rent to people with children if it comes down to replacing a tub I prefer to put in a shower. I find it less problematic from falls and they use less water and energy to fill in the instance of a tub. In many of my properties I pay the water and to heat it with heating oil.

I had to totally replace a bathroom subfloor last year in a 2bedroom plus bonus room unit and put in a lovely shower unit. The tenant loves it. Down the road it may deter families with young children but the bathroom is too small for a tub.

I always try to have one tub. But I’m ripping the tub out on a rental I’m renting now and making them both stand up showers.

I'm against tubs, harder to get in and out of, more accident prone. And where did you get the idea that installing a shower is cheaper than a tub? No way. You have the whole shower pan/curb/drain issues to deal with. A tub would be way cheaper, but most houses I built/remodeled did not have tubs...considered low class by the rich folks......had to have showers with zero entry and ribbon drains :-)

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@Jacob Wiltshire Showers would save you money on your monthly water bill. Less likely of a chance of a tenant letting the water overflow and they’d be less likely to get hurt in a shower. We have one unit with just a shower and the bill is always $50 less than the other unit with a bathtub.