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Hello Sacramento Peeps,

Combining forces with J. Martin to throw a smooth MeetUP to help you overcome your REI obstacles. No sales presentations or yuckiness.

Join us at:

River City Brewing Company

547 L Street

Banquet Room (Reserved)


5:30 pm Tuesday, May 27, 2014

$10 (appetizers included)

Nab your ticket at:

@Jason Flynn and @Dennis Lanni ,

We have you down for the meetup on my other posting, and looking forward to getting a good size group going!

Checking with the wife to see if she wants to come, once I hear from her I will get my ticket/s. Looking forward to it.

@Chris Vail ,

Glad you and your wife can make it! I look forward to meeting you there. If you don't mind taking a minute, I'm hoping everyone will introduce themselves on one of the posting, so we can know a bit about each other going in..

@Craig Gillie , @Dennis Lanni , and @Jason Flynn have posted on our other posting for the meetup. @Al Williamson and I each made one to get out the word. Be sure to tag or tell a friend!

I get off work at 5 that day, can be there by 6-6:15, is that gonna be too late?

@Jeff Jamieson ,

We'll just be getting rolling by then, and we are reserved through at least 9PM. You'll be fine arriving then. I think there are about 12-15 people signed up so far.. See my link above for the rest of the attendees, and please introduce yourself there, so the group can start to get to know each other. Thanks Jeff! Looking forward to meeting you!

Anything like this coming up in June or July?

No, I'm going to start beating the drum for a Sacrament MeetUP in August. Of course anyone can take the reins and organize a MeetUP before that.

@Al Williamson is hosting a meet-up next week.  I think on the 28th.  I plan on going to it.

Hey @dennis Lanni and others, I've been trying to get the word out that due to family issues, I can't be the point person for the August Sacramento MeetUP. I might have to plan a funeral at a moments notice.

So, if someone plays the dictator and pulls things together, we still can have the event. 

@Dennis Lanni, you should connect with @David Hutson  to get something going.

Dude have you not heard-- dictators get assassinated.  @David Hutson will be the temp. El Pres. for the meet up.

I will be his back up man

@Dennis Lanni What's the word on the probate property on U st in midtown Sac?? Any movement?? Heir's getting along?? Does the property still need rehabbing??

We have control of the property/probate. Property still needs a rehabilitation.  Are you going to the meetup?

@Mark Pedroza  

We have switched to the other thread.  Two were started for an unknown reason.

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