Its Milwaukee's Local Meet-up 1 year anniversary!

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  • 09/25/14 06:30PM
  • The Belmont Tavern 784 N Jefferson St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
  • Free

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Hey Pocketiers!

Can't believe its been a year since we started this group, but here we are! 

We are having our gathering at the Belmont Tavern

Address: 784 N Jefferson St, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone:(414) 988-6161

Its just going to be like our first one, just hanging out and having fun. Talking real estate and making connections.

Its very important that your RSVP for this event, so I can let the restaurant know how many will be there. You can either RSVP here or on our page(Brew City Real Estate)

Hope to see you Thursday!



@Nicole Pettis  -  I will be in Milwaukee that night and would love to attend!  I should be able to come for at least a little bit.  Can't wait to finally meet everyone!

@Brie Schmidt  Sounds awesome! It will be great having you there. Looking forward to meeting you!

I plan on being there!

It was so great meeting everyone at the Milwaukee Meetup!

Thanks Brie! Apparently I wasn't ready for this photo!! hahaha!! 

I never saw this post so unfortunately I wasn't there.  Sorry I missed it!

@Dawn Anastasi  so sorry! We missed you!

I felt it was a great event, some peps from chicago came to visit and the weather was amazing! We all just mixed, mingled and networked. I will probably do these more often, because everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Hope to see you at our next one!

yeah, it was alot of fun. cant wait for the next one!

Hate I missed it! Couldn't get away from this project in time to head up. I hope to make the next.

@Nicole Pettis  Thanks for putting on the event. It was great to start meeting people in the area. 

@Brie Schmidt  Thanks for posting the picture. I was reading your blog posts about how you guys got started in real estate. Motivational and very moving. I'm actually reading the second property one now.

Hope to see everyone again in the future!

@Account Closed  -  Great!  I just started it a few months ago so it was kinda hard to go back 3 years in my head and remember everything.  But moving forward I am going to try hard to document everything weekly so it is fresh in my mind

@Account Closed  It was great meeting you and your wife, Valerie as well! Sorry we didn't get to talk much, but hope to see you at the future meetups.

Take care!

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