Orange County Meetup - February

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  • 02/18/15 07:00PM
  • Round Table Pizza @ 22722 Lambert St, Lake Forest, CA 92630
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. Poster certifies that there will be no pitching of products or services at this event.

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Thank you to everyone who attended our January meetup. We meet every third Wednesday of the month at Round Table Pizza in Lake Forest. I will communicate with everyone via email if there are ever any changes. If you have not given me your email, but would like to stay informed, please send it to me.

Our meetings are very simple. We start with short introductions/questions and then use the rest of the time to network.

Also, I'll be attending OCREI's next meeting this Thursday the 12th. Daren Bloomquist of RealtyTrac will be speaking about the market etc. More info. @

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I am contemplating having professionals (investors, property managers, lenders etc.) attend meetings to talk about a specific topic that would be helpful and informative for investors. If I do it will be purely educational, and without a "pitch". if you have an opinion on this, that you would like to share, let me know.


I'd like to join your next meeting!

When are you meeting in March? A friend and I would like to attend. We're new and would like to get into Real Estate Investing.

@Clint Kreider   I think having new blood, different realms of ideas, and perspectives is a great idea.  If you do that, because time is so short, I think they would need to have a short time for intro, and then answer questions otherwise it turns into a lecture. 

I would be curious to see what the make up of the members that attend actually is, it may help you determine the direction to go with speakers and meetup. Questions for members of Orange County Meetup: 

  • Active Investors or Learning Stage?
  • Buy/Hold, Fix/flip, Wholesale, or ? 
  • Why do you come to Meetup, (meet members and network, try to find specific deals, learn, find partners, find money, etc.)
  • What type of guest speakers would you be interested in hearing from? 

@Andy M.  @Eric Kang  

 The meetups are on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, in Lake Forest, CA, at the Round Table Pizza (Lake Forest and Lambert) 7:00 p.m. See you there! 

@Karen Margrave  

I actually think the group tends to be most attractive to new investors. I think they tend to feel like the group provides more value than an established investor would. I'm hoping to come up with topics that would be helpful to the whole spectrum of investors. 

So far these topics have been suggested:

- Tax implications of owning rental property and investing

- Buying with little money/creative financing

- Formulating an exit strategy

Im also interested in the meet up.  Since I am completely new to this any topic would be good for me.

Please add me to your list. I would like to attend your next Meetup.



Hi Clint

I am very interested in attending the next meeting, please add me to your emailing list. 


Hi @Account Closed , I added you to the list. I look forward to meeting you at a future meetup!

Hi Clint, please add me to your list so I can attend future meetings.  [email protected] 

I think it's a great idea to invite other professionals to the meeting to share their expertise.  As a newbie investor I see a lot of value learning from others in the industry.  

Hi @Clint Kreider

I'm a new investor eager to learn and meet fellow investors. Could you please add me to your list? I'd like to attend future meet ups.



Jist moved here from Texas and planning to attend the next meeting. Looking forward to see you guys there!

-Arun Chandra

@Han Oh

 @Arun Chandra

Hi guys, follow this link for more information on the meetups:

See you there!

@Clint Kreider

 I think it would still be a good idea for you to do an announcement each month for Orange County Meetup on BP, with details of the meetup, and then a link to the other site, should people want to go there.  

Hi Clint,

I'm interested in OC meetup. Do you have any event coming this month? If you do, can you email me at [email protected] Thank you very much.

@Clint Kreider

 When I click the link, even though it says it's meetup, it brings me back to this page. Not sure if it's just something with my browser or ? 

I hope you continue posting the Orange County Meetup information on Biggerpockets, as there are those that won't want to join and go through process of, so having both would probably be wise. 

@Karen Margrave , I definitely will still post the meetup on BP. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible. 

I may not be able to link to it from BP though. It seems like all of the links simply refresh the page now. 

@Clint Kreider  I thought it was just me! Even when I copied the address and tried to insert it into the browser window, it copied as a biggerpockets link. I was finally able to copy it and get there.  I have messaged Scott Trench and Brandon Turner asking if there's a new policy not allowing links to be followed off the site. I'll keep you posted.

@Karen Margrave

 Thank you, I would totally understand if was not allowed. I wonder if BP could one day create a better way for groups to organize within BP. 

@Clint Kreider

 Just to let you know, somehow you entered the information wrong on the link you had above, and that's why it kept bringing you back to this page. @Joshua Dorkin fixed it, and it now links to the meetup site. 

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