San Jose Meetup - Thursday 4/16/15

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  • 04/16/15 07:00PM
  • Whispers Cafe and Creperie 1085 E Brokaw Rd Ste 10 San Jose, CA 95131
  • Free

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Hi All,

It's another month and time for another real estate meetup! These meetups have had 15-40 BP and members chatting about investing in the San Jose area and also out of state. Bay Area and out of state investor @Jay Y. initially suggested this meetup and I have been keeping it going ever since. Regular experienced investors such as @J Martin from Oakland and @Minh Le in San Jose have been regularly attending. We welcome anyone who would like to attend!

When: Thursday, April 16th, 2015, 7:00pm

Where: Whispers Cafe and Creperie

(The cafe is in the same complex as City Sports and in the same building as Five Guys on the opposite side of the building.)

1085 E Brokaw Rd
Ste 10
San Jose, CA 95131

Please support the small business by spending some money and tipping for the great service we receive every month!

There have been a few people wanting to receive email updates of the next meetup and I have finally setup a website. Join to get updates!

Looking forward to meeting new investors and seeing familiar faces.



Thanks @Johnson H. , I'll do my best to make it out to this event. It's been awhile!

@Johnson H. I'm looking forward to seeing you again and hearing how the investing is going.  

Hopefully, I'll be closed on our first wholetail deal by then a la Michael Quarles. 

@Jay Y. , looks like it was all your fault. @Johnson H. , is there a reason why the meet-up is on Thursday this time? Looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces. Thank you for keeping the meet-up going Johnson. Your effort is recognized. 

@Minh Le Yeah, as my partners and employer keep telling me, it's always my fault... What did I do this time? I don't recall suggesting a Thursday meet up, but maybe I slipped up again, dang it!

I'm thinking someone had a hot date on Friday.  Should I be offended that we took a lower priority?   :-)

@Peter K. - LOL No hot date with me Friday night. @Minh Le - J asked me the same question! This Friday is the Santa Cruz meetup. I didn't want to step on their toes since they just do it once a quarter. I took the week off next week so I thought Thursday would be good for everyone that hasn't been able to make it out on a Friday night. I guess people are creatures of habit and like it on Friday night, I'll try to resume it again next month :)

@Jay Y. - It will be great to see you again! You had suggested a San Jose meetup back early last year and I have been trying to keep it going ever since. It's about time you showed up again!

Tagging some regulars and adding some keywords.

@Yuliany W. @Sandeep S. @BeBe Cheng @Nhi Nguyen @Ezra Nugroho @Arlen Chou @Dooreuhn Cee @Kevin Auyong @David C. @Susan Gong @Helen Chau @Kathryn M.


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sounds good. I will need a drink after paying for a sewer lateral replacement !

Originally posted by @Kevin Auyong :

sounds good. I will need a drink after paying for a sewer lateral replacement !

 How much was it? Let me guess, $7,500?

About 6 to 6.5k. It was a pretty straightforward shot. I got another estimate for $9500. Big variance here

Hello,  do you guys know where I could find a meet up like this but in the Los Angeles  area.  The bay area is too far for me,  wish I could make it. 

@Pedro Preciado  - There are tons of LA based REIA's! @MICHAEL YBARRA runs meetups and there is For Investors By Investors (FIBI) in the LA area as well. I haven't been to these meetups but I know there a lot more down there.

Sorry guys, can't make it tonight, something came up... Another deal? LOL

Will have to catch ya'll next time around.

Have fun!!!

@Jay Y. - The meetup is this coming Thursday on the 16! I hope you can still make it out :)

@Johnson H. Oh, that's good news then, guess I lost track of it and thought it was yesterday. Oops my bad. In that case, yup will try and make it out on the 16th! :)

I will miss this month. out of town for work.

I'm looking forward to this special Thursday edition of the meetup. We got 25 investors that have RSVP'ed!

@Minh Le - Any interest in meeting at 4pm as usual? Everyone is invited to come early as well!

I will try to join today.

I will be there too. (I actually prefer it is on a Thursday evening!)

Are you guys going to be there early as usual?

@Johnson H. is it going to be on Thursdays from now on? or just this time? I hope I can make it next month. Have fun!

@Johnson H. It was a very good experience connecting with experienced investors yesterday. Thanks for arranging it. It was good to see so many experienced investors in one place.

@Minh Le , @Sandeep S. It was very nice talking to you and gathering gems of information. I could only manage a short time to come, but quite a learning experience! I look forward to connect to you again in future. You have wealth of information and I hope to learn from you. 

Sandeep, also thanks for the beer :) 

You are very welcome @Anshu Sanghi

 I am glad to be put in same list of experienced investors as @Minh Le !

And I am always available to talk about RE and/or for beer!

@Johnson H. Thank you so much for putting together this last meetup in San Jose. I had a great time and finally got to meet a bunch of the people I enjoy reading on BP. I had way too much fun. My mind was racing the rest of the evening. I don't think I slept much as a result;) So much quality information to digest. Your the bomb!

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