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  • 06/11/15 06:00PM
  • NE Pensacola/Pace
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I'm posting to see if there would be any interest in a Pensacola / Pace / Milton meet up.  I would like to get together with other like minded folks to just BS about real estate and network outside of the local REIAs.  Nothing formal, just once a month to get together and talk about what deals people have going on and how we can help each other.  I am happy to set it up if there is enough interest.  

The date, time and location are just a placeholder for now.  I will work out all the details after I see if there is enough interest.  

I think this is a great idea. I'm from the FWB area, but I would be wiling to attend. 

Hey guys. What's going on? I'm relatively new to the Pensacola area and am interested in meetups as well. How did the 1st one go? If there was one. 

count me in if you put it together.

There wasn't enough interest so I didn't put it together. If you guys go to the PIG meeting Tuesday we can discuss doing one if you like, track me down there.  With 4 interested now it would be worthwhile so I'll think about a time and place and repost. 

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I would be interested too. I try to get to the gulf coast reia on the third Tuesday of the month at Golden Coral, but a small group over coffee (or beer) would interest me too.

I'm definitely interested in an informal meet up over a few beers. Haven't been too impressed by PIG, and would love to network out of that structured "sales" environment.

@Joey Coronado , @Barry Christopher , @Tom Waier , @Dan Hatch , @Frederick Dela Cruz

Any recommendations on a date you all would like to get together?  I will setup a new thread when we come up with something.  I leave the country for a while on Dec 15th so it would have to be before that or not until mid January.  I would propose December 8th around 6pm.  Any takers on that?

great idea, but the date doesn't work for me.  Flying to Michigan on the morning of the 8th.  Be back on the night of the 9th.  Anytime after that.

Could do it on the 7th.

I'm open most afternoons and evenings, 8th is fine with me 👍🏼

Ok, I'll give the rest of the folks the day to respond and then come up with a new post. 

I am interested. I can't make the 8th meeting and not real sure if I can really do any meeting in Dec. My husband is having a major surgery on the 10th and will be out of commision for 8 weeks. I could make a Jan. meeting though. Put me down for further meetings.

Alright everyone, I don't think I can make it work in December so I will plan on setting something up for January.  It sounds like some of you who would like to attend can't make it on the 8th anyway.  I will create a new post as we get closer to the new year. 

Hello All, 

I would be interested in attending one of these informal meetings. I'm from the Niceville area looking to get to meet some local investors. Please let me know what you all come up with. 


@Joey Coronado @Barry Christopher @Tom Waier @Dan Hatch @Dee Dee Huey  @John Karl  @Frederick Dela Cruz

Ok, I want to get this going and make it a once a month kind of thing.  I go down to Pensacola the second Tuesday for the PIG, I think a lot of you do the same.  I would like to do something up in Pace or Milton for those that are interested in that market specifically and those who just want to go to another meet up.  This first one will be very informal where we just network and talk about real estate in general.  You can pitch properties or whatever you have going on, ask for advice, etc...  

I would like to do the evening of Monday, Feb 1st at 6pm.  How does that work for everyone?  If I get one RSVP I will go.  If anyone has a recommendation of location I am open to it.  Maybe Ollies, Oops Alley, somewhere along HWY 90...  I will post an official meetup link if we get one person interested.  

Yes, I will be available and would love to join everyone! I'm not from there so I really don't know of a place to meet. Just let me know and I'll be there.

@Dee Dee Huey  That would be great, I would like to speak with you some more and this will give us a good opportunity.  

I'll be out of town next week but love the idea. 

Hey @William Allen. I think that's a great idea. I'm a part of PIG as well but haven't been there for about three months or so. 

I'm definitely interested however I'm not sure if I'll be able to make a February 1st meeting. I'd like to learn more about the Milton area and also learn more from more experienced people like yourself and @Dee Dee Huey. 

This weekend I'm actually moving but let me know what the plans are for the first meeting and I'll try to make it. 

I think this is a great idea. I will gladly be present if my schedule is clear.

@William Allen sorry it took so long to get back. I'm on the forums more consistent now. Please let me know when the next one will be and I'm there unless I'm out of town. 

Barry Christopher


@Barry Christopher

Sorry we missed you last night.  It was a good turnout and we are planning on getting together again next month.  I'll put another post in and mention everyone who was interested in the past.  I will try to give more notice next time as well.

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