Dayton Ohio Real Estate Networking 8/10/15

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  • 08/10/15 06:00PM
  • Beavercreek, Ohio
  • Free

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@Darrin Carey

 Hope your meet up goes well

I am back in Florida but hope to catch you all next time.

thanks for the help while I was in Dayton. Your HVAC contractor did an outstanding job for us.

Hey @Darrin Carey I just found the Dayton Sub-Forum as well.  I am new to BP and getting started.  So far it has been a great resource.  I missed the Aug 10th event.  Is the meeting monthly and if so when is the next meetup?

Best Regards,


Will there be a November/December meet up? Just getting active!

Edit: Just found the website, sending Darrin an email now!

Hola!  Any meetup scheduled in the next couple of months?  If so, I'd like to get it on my calendar.

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