This is a meetup for real estate investors so that people can get motivated to become investors and learn things from other investors and professionals. As an attorney, I'd be happy to start off our meetings with some hand out(s) describing something important in the realm of real estate law and I know other professionals such as CPAs, loan officers, and contractors who'd be happy to contribute. Hopefully folks to gain the confidence to get going. We'll be meeting every second Saturday of the month.

Meetings at:

8609 Westwood Center Drive, Vienna, Virginia - It's an office building by the Wal-Mart in Vienna.

There's visitor parking on the front and side of the building, but if no spots are available, you can park in the parking structure in the back of the building, but please do NOT park in reserved spots. Our meeting room will be the Mid-Atlantic Settlement Services office on the first floor in the back of the building. Please enter by the rear of the building as the doors will be locked and I'll buzz you in. If you park in the structure, I'll give you a parking pass when you come in. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there!