DeKalb County Holiday Meetup

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  • 12/27/17 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Hobnobbers, 2030 Baron Dr Sycamore, Illinois 60178
  • Free

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Time for another meetup! Let's send off 2017 and talk about our goals for 2018 and beyond. Can't wait to see everyone!

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone is going to the meet-up tonight? 

Thanks to everyone who came last night! Great seeing everybody!

I was out of town but please keep me posted on the next one! Is anyone interested in gathering in January? 1/19 dinner and drinks meet up? Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and cheers to 2018!

p.s. Did everyone reach their RE goals this year? If not, share the needs/ goals for 2018 and we can try our best to support each other via networks/resources. 

@Samantha Fisher I'd love to meet up tomorrow, but have a scheduling conflict. Would the 30th work for everyone?

@Nate Shields I can't make that date, but would be available 2/5 and 2/9 in the evenings. I would also be up for an alternate date morning or lunch meeting if that works for everyone too. LMK! 

Hey guys. I live in Aurora. Are these meetings mostly just for dekalb county or do branch out to surroundings counties. I’m a newbie. Looking mostly at this time to wholesale with 1 or 2 investors around my area. I drive a taxi so I can do a lot of “driving for dollars”. Im open to ideas. Thank you for reading and a bless day. 

@Shaun Weeks We have investors from several counties at our meetups. It looks like our next one will be the 5th. I'll tag you in the post when it goes live. Hope to see you there!

Awesome, and LMK if you need support planning the location, etc. @Nate Shields ! Maybe we can choose a location like Acquaviva Winery if that's central for everyone that has a great space/food/drinks. 

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