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  • 02/22/18 06:00PM - 07:30PM America/New_York
  • Nine Irish Brothers event room, 575 Massachusetts Ave Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
  • Free

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Are you an investor in Indianapolis who is investing or looking to invest in 5+ unit multi family properties? If so, then this group is for you. This group will meet once a month to network and discuss topics associated with finding, analyzing, closing and managing 5+ unit apartment complexes in the greater Indianapolis area. At each meetup, a main topic will be discussed followed by an open forum for any questions.

Hi Scott, 

Forming the group was a great idea. My husband and I would love to join your group, however, we are based out of CA. We purchase duplex and triplex along with apartment buildings (must be 16 units or greater). 


Glad you started this group.  I myself am new to real estate investing with the goal of investing in multi family properties.  I won't be able to make the Feb meeting but, will try to attend from then on out.  Look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas on how to make this a real success!!!

I would love to be apart of this group !

Hi Scott,

I'm glad I found this post. I'm about an hour south of Indy and am looking to make my first investment. I kinda screwed around in high school and college and seriously regret it now. School isn't really for me and I've had a hard time finding a good paying job with at least a decent work life balance so I'm still kind of in a rut. I've been mainly trying to find ways to do deals without using my own money for awhile until I can start to automate the process more. Hope to hear from you!


Will be there, looking forward to it!

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Thanks for creating this group. I am a new Realtor and looking to invest in my first investment property, so I am especially excited for the meetup next week.

I can't make it this month, but i will definitely be looking for the future events.

Hi! I'm looking forward to meeting folks at this event. I'm an investor from Denver CO and will be in Indy this Thursday through Friday on a 'scouting trip' of sorts to check out some properties and network to begin out-of-state investing. See you Thursday!

Hey everyone. My husband and I are planning on being in the Indianapolis area June 21-24 for a non-real estate event. We are in the planning phase of this trip and would like to extend our trip to go to a REIA Meetup or BP event while there. My question is are there events that you recommend that we can attend either before or after our timeline above? Usually, it seems Meetups are on specific days every month and hopefully I can use that schedule to determine when to add to our trip. Any recommendations for groups is greatly appreciated!


Beck and Chris

@Chris Conde

I don't see anything on the calendar for those dates.  The groups in town to check out are INREIA, CIREIA, and the Alpine meetup.  There's also a new multi-family meetup that will be listed on BP but is not scheduled for a specific day of the month.  

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