Have a question about note investing? Free Q&A Call!

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  • 07/24/18 08:00PM - 10:00PM America/New_York
  • www.pprnoteco.com/events/live-note-investor-call-july-2018/
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Join us for our next FREE Q&A Call on Tuesday, July 24, 8:00pm (EST)!


On this month’s call, Mr. Bill Bromley (President & CEO of Capital Source 2000, Inc) will walk us through investing in commercial business notes, i.e. notes which are secured by business receivables, rather than notes secured by hard real estate. With his discussion on the strategy of “factoring”, Mr. Bromley will show us another side of the note business that investors can participate in. 

Bill will also talk about the ways his company serves as “the bank” by using private venture capital to facilitate business expansion in a niche where traditional banks normally wouldn’t operate. 

As always, after our discussion, we’ll be opening it up to the audience for a Q&A session, so bring your note questions!

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Thanks to everyone who join us for our call last night, we had an incredible turnout!

If you didn't get your question answered or just want to learn more, I'm also hosting a BPLive today at 6PM (EST) on both BiggerPockets Facebook and Youtube page. This week's BPLive will be on Due Diligence. You can tune in here!