Play the board game CASHFLOW 101! • Learn about creating passive income!

CASHFLOW 101 is the entrepreneurial adult version of Monopoly. Actually, it's like Monopoly on steroids. Whether this is your first or your 100th time you will certainly be entertained and likely go home smarter than when you arrived. 

The board game simulates real-life experiences and opportunities by teaching what you need to do to create financial independence in your life (how to Get Out of the Rat Race) thru Business Ownership and/or Real Estate Investing.

CASHFLOW 101 was created by Robert Kiyosaki as a simulation companion to his best selling book: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Once you're aware of the 'millionaire mind' philosophy the game teaches, becoming successful in business and real estate investing will be one giant step closer. 

It's free to join. There's limited seating so Please RSVP by clicking HERE.

We look forward to seeing you!