North Oregon Coast New Meetup

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  • 02/05/19 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Gearhart Bowl & Fultano's Pizza, 3518 HIghway 101 North Gearhart, Oregon 97138
  • Free

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Finally! a North Oregon Coast Meetup Event!

Over the past few months, a few other local Bigger Pockets members and myself have connected through BP and had awesome and motivational meetups. There is something special about meeting with complete strangers knowing you have similar goals. I just bought a BP Pro Membership so we could do an official event and hope to get more members gathered for an awesome evening. 

We are calling all investors from all levels and all categories of real estate experience and goals. Anyone interested in real estate investing and networking is welcomed and encourage to join! Whether you have years of experience or just interested in learning, please stop by. This is a very casual meetup, in hopes of gathering like minded people in this smaller community of Clatsop County.

We will meet at the Gearhart Bowling Alley on Tuesday Febuary 5th at 6pm. We have a table reserved at 6pm and a couple lanes at 7pm. Let's meet in the dining/bar area for an hour and if we feel like bowling we can!

Please, Everyone... If you can make it...please do! I have no clue how many people will attend. I know there are not a ton of BP memebrs in this area. If you can stay for the whole 2 hours that is great! If you come late thats is fine! If you can only swing in for 5 min, say hello, and drop of some businesses cards, that is great too! We will have no agenda of topics to cover, and no one will be forced to give speaches. If you have any goals of building a better life through the power of real estate, meeting people with simliar goals is the best place to start or continue your journey. 

I can not wait to hear from you all! It is not required to RSVP, however I would appreciate it so I know who to expect. We can also exchange numbers and stay in touch on any changes or questions. Please Send me a message. I can not wait to meet you and for you all to meet each other!

Organized by Me: Dillyn Saurdiff...Rookie want to be investor :)

Howdy Kevin: As of a few years ago, the City of Gearhart does not allow new STR. You will see them here as existing rentals are grandfathered in, however, the rental permit is terminated at transfer of ownership. There are a couple exceptions, The Palisades and the Highlands on the Northwest side of town are outside of the city limits, STR are allowed in there areas and permitted through the county. Also: There are 4 condo buildings in Gearhart that allow them: Gearhart House, Pacific Palisades, Pacific View and Pacific Terrace. We live in and have a LTR in Gearhart.

@Kevin Hofstee

I'm partial to long term rentals in Clatsop County. If you are interested in Short Terms you could search neighboring towns like Seaside, Warrenton, or Astoria. There are lots of people here making them work. However, you really need to do your do diligence before investing for ST use. Every city has its own set of Unique and constantly changing rules for STR. I know Seaside is really putting in effort to increase restrictions, add more fees, and be more Strict at it enforcing regulations.

The other option is looking at properties outside city limits. The county has a lot less restrictions on STR. However, you'll want to look closely at demand for these locations as they are away from the more desirable touristy areas. The house I just purchased would have mad a great Air BNB, it's right on the lake, 3 blocks from the ocean. I did some thorough research on neighboring AirBNBs and was able to see the average night cost and occupancy rate to them was not going to pay off.

In my research I have definitely decide I will never buy strictly for ST use (as is a common practice to us saver RE investors!) If I found a property that makes a good long term, and I got lucky that it fits into all the regulations for ST use I would consider it.

Let me know if you guys ever come visit out here to house hunt. I’d love to meet up.

We are up and running with our investor meetup group! On the first Thursday of the month at 6:00pm, we are meeting at Churchill Mortgage in Astoria. Anyone and everyone is welcome to stop by and check it out. Round table discussions, networking, small presentations on various investing strategies too.