Probate properties are one of the most profitable lead sources available for both real estate agents and investors! Why?

Because it’s highly likely the personal representative of a deceased’s estate will be motivated to sell the property, quickly. Typically, the heirs might live far away, have no use for the house, can’t afford to maintain the house, or just want the cash. And these properties are often in need of repair, and free-and-clear of debt.

So what does this all mean for you? Opportunity! The opportunity for investors to purchase these properties at deep discounts (or for agents to secure the listing) and make lots of money!

Join us Thursday May 23, 2019 for an all-star panel led by The Probate Center's Dean Hunter, to learn how you can benefit from investing in Probate Real Estate.

We will cover

Probate Basics. Probate terminology and the probate process;

How to Find Probate Leads. How to generate an extensive list of probate leads;

Marketing to the Personal Representative. The marketing plan and strategy for contacting the personal representative to express interest in purchasing or listing the property;

Follow Up & Negotiation. The follow-up process and expert negotiation skills, crucial to scheduling an appointment and closing the deal!

Probate Exit Strategies - Wholesale, Fix & Flip, Buy and Hold 

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