Hello Fellow Investors!

This is the last meet up for the year and we plan to go out with a bang! The topic for the Wednesday, November 20, 2019 meet up at the Kapolei UPS Store at 645pm is… Investing in Commercial Real Estate.

Have you thought of investing in commercial real estate? Curious about moving into commercial real estate? Maybe you have no clue on what commercial real estate investing looks like, and that’s ok. Either way come and join us for a night full of value and networking.

CJ and Jasmine, owners and operators of Why Not Now Asset Management Co, with over 70 residential and 2 commercial buildings. They will be sharing their take on the move into commercial. With over 4 years of experience in residential investing utilizing many different strategies like the BRRRR, holding Notes, Private money lending and partnerships, they decided to begin the transition over to commercial real estate investing a year ago. They will be sharing their experiences from the beginning of the transition to present day. They will be fielding questions as they share. They welcome interaction throughout their share, so please do not hesitate to bring your questions.

Due to limited seating, RSVP’s are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Why Not Now Asset Management Co