Mastermind group focused on Short-term Rental Niche

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I would also be interested. I have 2 short term rentals in Florida that are doing well and I have been learning as I go. Always looking for more information and ways to innovate.

Would love to join in. I own a STR in L.A. and Airbnb rooms in our home in Atlantic City. Planning to expand our inventory soon and think I can give and gain help in a STR group.

Hi All,

Thanks for your interest in creating a Mastermind group focused on the Short-term Rental Niche.

To ensure that there's a healthy give-and-take amongst the members I'd like to set the following requirement: Members should have either Annual Revenue of at least $250K (after occupancy taxes) OR own/manage 5 unique units (not a 3 BR home where numerous iterations of the bedrooms are rented out as different units).

The goals of the group are to share best practices of:

- Marketing

- Pricing

- Operations

- Channels/Tools

- Lead Generation

- Acquisition Strategies

- Market Insights

In my view the last item would be extremely beneficial as many of us would like to expand to other markets, but would benefit greatly from understanding the expected numbers and nuances of the target market.

I envision this as a group that has periodic meetings where at each meeting a member presents their market, thier operation, best practices and insights, followed by open discussion.

Please PM if you'd like to take this further.

Regards, Anand 

I'd be in.  23 STRs with 83 beds in the same small town.  Refinery contractors are my ST renters.  Bank foreclosures are the properties I purchase.

I'm interested.  I'll shoot you a pm.  My renters are refinery workers as well.  Week to week but usually stay anywhere from a few months to a year.

Is the ultimate goal of this to be online or in person? It is going to be really hard to do this when people are 3000 or more miles apart. In reality, we already have this form which pretty much covers most topics.

For those interested, let's have a call to discuss the objectives and procedures of this group. Please PM me so we can coordinate. I'm shooting for Tuesday of next week.