How frequently does something break in your STR

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How frequently both small and large does something break or need to be fixed with your STR? I'm running a pretty busy rental but it seems like there is always something wrong (broken drawer, sprinkler head, clogged drain etc just to name a few). I know it's inevitable and we typically account for these issues but wanted to get a feel from others how frequently your experiencing these type of fixes. Thanks!

@Mark Futalan I charge a good bit to stay at my Lake House especially in the Summer so I have a higher end clientele. I don't have a lot of stuff that gets broken. I try and be proactive and do upgrades before something fails. I had older heat pumps so I replace one at a time over a 2 year period with new HE heat pumps instead of waiting for them to fail.

We are constantly upgrading and making the place nicer every year.

Sometimes their may be a small plumbing issue or the like and you get a call. If you take care of it quickly no one will fault you. 

You might have to call a yellow pages person and pay top dollar occasionally for a repair but you do it if you have to.

The key is communication with the Guest give them updates and get it fixed fast.

2-5 things a week.  These are simple 5-15 minute jobs.  But this is with 23 STRs and 82 beds.  The furthest one is about 8 minutes from where I live.

When I purchase a property I rip and replace anything that is aged beyond 1/2 of it's useful life, including appliances and HVAC system.  I have all drains cleaned out to the street and make sure all electrical issues or inspection issues are fixed.  I have a landscape company I contract with for regular maintenance of the yards and he takes care of any sprinkler issues.  This eliminates a LOT of issues, though things do happen.  Since I am remote to my rentals, I have my various repair resources I can reach out to that can fix things on occasion, and then I travel about 4-5 times per year myself check and repair items as needed.  

Last year we had a few things. There is a divot in the glass of our new stove top (my fault for a 

porcelain steel teapot) and the curtain tie backs keep getting bumped off the wall in one of the queen bedrooms.

Other than that, no problems. We have had great renters so far.