Vacation rental pricing tool

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There has been several discussions about this lately.
I prefer to check pricing manually one a quarter and adjust as necessary.

I don't like any recommended pricing I have seen. It has been way too low (airbnb) or on the high side (Vrbo).
I do like the Marketmaker tools built into Vrbo (free) that shows charts of competitors pricing vs yours and booking trends.

I follow the local motels next to the refinery.  Refinery contractors are the only people I rent to.  Motels and $400/week for a room with 2 beds.  I charge $600/week for a 3 bedroom house.

wheelhouse or pricelabs. Some will rail against them, but no way do I agree. Manually pricing is missing a lot of information of course you can take a lot of your time trying to keep up-to-date on a daily basis over a multi-month.

there have been some threads about this, and you should consider searching and reading them.

Hey @Brett Holmes , I use my own brain. Like @John Underwood I do all my own research and price accordingly.

I am not a big fan of the various pricing tools. While they work, they rely on a breadth of places to provide the results. If you are pricing in an area where there is a lot of rentals, your results will be more accurate. Subsequently, fewer listings could yield a result that is skewed.

@Brett Holmes Correct me if I’m wrong but Beyond Pricing is the only one that integrates with both VRBO and Airbnb. I’m with the rest of the crew I do it manually but I do recommend at least trying beyond for a newb. We’ve all been doing this since before this type of service was available so perhaps we’re just old dogs. I like to learn new tricks but I haven’t found this one useful just yet.

@Lucas Carl in order to use Wheelhouse with both airbnb and VRBO, you'll also need a property management platform/tool, to push their rates to both platforms.  We get a lot of value from Wheelhouse, altohugh it does require a lot of manual tweaking and hand-holding.