Looking for land appraisal in Santa Rosa, CA

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I am in need of an experienced raw land appraiser in Santa Rosa, CA.  I run a hotel, which unfortunately burned down in the wildfires back in October.  The insurance-appointed appraiser was quite vague on the land component of the appraisal in comparison to the property, using very old comps and not taking a few items into consideration that may have a large impact on the valuation. 

I am working with approximately 9 acres divided into 3 lots.

Suggestions welcomed.

Thank you,


@Justin Hayman   I don't know about one in Santa Rosa, but if you contact, Gary Young at Granite Appraisal Group in the Sacramento area, he might come out to do it for you.  It might cost a premium but he's a great appraiser for all property types.  I've used him even on very quirky hard money transactions (think auto service buildings, campgrounds, ground up construction). Just trying to help.

You need a MAI appraiser (it's a specific designation for advanced appraisers that requires an elevated level of knowledge, essentially).  Not just any residential appraiser will do.  If the property were a single-family home lot the answer would be different, but for the property you are referring to you need more than that.

You might see if your hotel owner has any banking relationships locally, then reach out to them to pick their brain for a good MAI appraiser.  Commercial lenders use them all the time.

@Brian Burke , the man with the plan!  Thanks so much, AGAIN!

Did you see the car fires in front of the hotel earlier this morning?  Crazy.  And ironic - the truck that caused it was hauling away fire debris.  

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