New investor looking for advice, mentor in Orlando, Fl.

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Hi my name is Sandra and I am currently a Rich Dad student who is starting to dislike the program. With that said, I am taking the advise of Joshua, the ceo of biggerpockets, to seek a mentor. If you are an experiences realestate investor in Orlando, Fl willing to share your expertise I would be very greatful.


A good place to start is with this guide

. read the threads, there is lots of information here

Sandra, curious to know which aspects of the Rich Dad program are not to your liking?

Some general advice on finding a good, local mentor are to attend several of the local Real Estate Investor Associations meetings and Meetups. Looks like is your local REIA, definitely check them out, and see if they offer mentoring.

I discovered that there are a ton of folks offering mentoring but most want to mold you in their image. Find a mentor who specializes in what YOU want to do and I can't emphasize the local aspect enough. Rules are different in each state, so a guru from California may not yield the best results. Find someone who's done what you want to do, then partner with them. Ask around the Club and Good Luck!

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CFRI (Central Florida Realty Investors) is the local real estate investors club in Orlando. You will probably be able to find a mentor there.

Welcome @Sandra Dass

Are you looking to pay for a mentor?

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Good morning. Thank you all for the advise. I will definately take each one to heart.

Justin I am currently paying for the Rich Dad Coaching but I am debating to cancel. If I was willing to pay, what do you have to offer?

Belinda, thank you for the information. As for the Rich Dad Program for one the upselling. I paid for a realestate investing course online. I was a 2 day, 2 hours per day session. The first day was in my opinion a waste of time. It was spend telling the students what we already know from reading the book and getting us in the mindset. For me personally, my mind has already made that switch to smart investing, making my money work for me. I just need the information on how to get it done. I was just tired of hearing the same thing over and over. Also the instructor did not answer my question, I felt that she was ignoring it honestly because I posted it several times. I am also paying for the coaching program and I am not getting the one on one that I thought I would get. Some of the coaches are very helpful while others are very dry and unencouraging. Maybe I am expecting too much, but from the information I was given when I signed up, it is below standards.

Hey @Sandra Dass - Although @Joshua Dorkin and I may mention getting help from mentors, we aren't actually referring to the paid kind. We're talking about seasoned investors who are willing to share their wisdom to help out, combined with your own initiative to read every book possible :) Basically, think of the entire BiggerPockets Forums as a sort of "mentor" in itself - where you can read books/blogs/etc and then ask questions - and get advice from real investors, not paid gurus. Hope that helps!

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