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Hey gang...

Looking for recommendations on Real Estate Attorney's in Northern Delaware to consult with on whether or not to set up an LLC. The Wilmington Area is preferred, just cause of proximity to where I spend most of my time and will be investing, but I could bounce over(down?) to Newark as well if needed.

Thanks for the thoughts and recommendations!

Wilmington is where the main DE courthouse is so there are many attorneys and if things ever go to court it might be a good place to be?

I just joined the local (Delaware) REIA and am getting ready to open an LLC in Delaware as well. They tell me Doherty & Associates, which is an accounting firm, is the "go to" resource for LLC information. I will be setting up an appointment with them shortly. My coach told me that the Delaware structure has the best liability protection with exception of possibly Nevada.


Dave Sisson

Originally posted by @James Masotti :

Thanks @Kara Haney   and @David Sisson !

Anyone else have any recommendations?

 I use Jim Woods for all of my purchases.  I haven't used him for anything else yet, but might be a good person to try.

James J. Woods, Jr., Esq.
P. O. Box 4635
Greenville, DE 19807
(302) 235-5770 office & fax
(302) 893-7585 cell

[email protected]

Hey @James Masotti :

Bill Dolan is both a DE and PA lawyer who works with RE investors. He's spoken to the local REIA (Delreia) several times, on a number of topics, including asset protection using Delaware LLCs. (Even talked about how to use series LLCs pragmatically, so administrative and financial burdens don't eat all your profits.) One of the Delreia leadership says he has Bill on speed dial for advice on just about anything REI related. He definitely understands the investor's perspective very well. Definitely worth checking out, if you still are (or anyone else is) looking for a DE lawyer....

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