Miami / S. Florida Meet Up

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Does anyone know if there is a BP Meet Up in Miami / S. Florida? If not, is anyone interested in helping me organize one in the next couple of months? I think it'd be a great thing to do.

I haven't heard of a BiggerPockets one, but I would definitely be interested in helping you set one up! I am responding your email right now btw, Carlos. 

I'd be interested if this gets set up!

I would also be extremely interested. If theres anything I can do, let me know!

I would be in on that and with the amount of activity in Miami, I think there would a lot of interest.

I am interested. keep us posted on this thread if it you organize one. i don't volunteer because i have a JOB besides investing and travel intensively - but definitely interested in 


I'd be interested. Keep us posted!

Please add your name to this list if you're interested to attend. Would a Wednesday evening be a suitable meet-up time? I know a lot of the real estate groups meet at lunch time on weekdays but that would be difficult for people who hold down other jobs.

Yes. I think after hours would be best. Any ideas on venue?

I've seen other groups usually meet at a restaurant. Midtown/Design District would be a good location but I can't think of any quiet/deserted venues in that area. 

I'm sure we could find an abandoned house we could utilize (joking).

@Nat Chan @Carlos Rovira Definitely would be interested in something like this. When I went to the DREIA a while back they hosted in a hotel like venue. Keep in mind that it was sponsored and all. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, then Dunkin Donuts has a conference room that you one could rent out for about $10 bucks an hour or something like that. 

Carlos count me in if you need help seeting this up! Hope to see everyone who commented on this post soon!

Only Wednesday evenings sound good, just as long as it isnt the First Wednesday of the month.. BREIA meets on the first Wednesday of each month :)

Count me in, that would be great to meet many people with the same ideas

I would love to attend.  I am not currently in the real estate market in any way but Im currently learning as much as I can with the hopes of buying a rental property in the future.

Same as everyone above ! Love all the responses

How many of you will be at DREIA meeting next week?

It'll be my first event, and I may look into BREIA as well in the future.

I'll be at DREIA next week. See you all there

Definitely interested in attending. I'm new to investing, currently learning as much as I can before taking the plunge.  Hope to see you all soon! 

@CarlosRovira I have been thinking about this for some time and would definitely be interested in helping setting it up. This would would be a great way to spark the BP presence in S. FL.

Ill make it! Just let me know where and when.
Just joined and was hoping there was a group or two in Miami. I'm definitely interested as long as it nights or weekend.

Hi guys,

I'm definitely interested as well, but as mentioned by somebody else already, I can only participate after 7ish pm and weekends.

This sounds great already.

Thank you,

Fabiano & Liza.

I'm also interested.

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