Looking for Power Team Members Chicago South Suburbs

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Hello Everyone!  I am a Newbie looking to invest in the Plainfield and Shorewood areas of IL as well as down around Gardner, Dwight and Pontiac areas.  Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good Lawyer and CPA who are well versed in working with REIs.  I want to start out Wholesaling a few properties to pay off Rich Dad education and get $$$ for down payments on properties.  I currently live 10 miles from Dwight and 35 miles south of Joliet.  I have yellow letters, bird dog signs and business cards and am ready to start calling for rents to see who would sell on lease option.  I just need a valid contract for IL and need to evaluate for Power Team members, who will be a good fit for my business.  I would greatly appreciate any and all help I can get.  Have a Blessed day and I hope to hear from some of you soon!  Thanks a million!

Best of luck @Teresa Hubbard . May I ask how much you owe to RK? You can find many boiler plate contracts online. Im not sure what a power team is but I bet you can invest in real estate without one. (I say that because I am an investor and I dont know what a power team is.)

Thanks for the mention @Jerry Padilla

@Teresa Hubbard , sorry to hear that you paid for Rich Dad's education. I heard they charge an arm and a leg ($30K). You can get the knowledge you got from RD for $0 here on BP...

Teresa, good to here you are starting.  I invest in the Joliet, channahon, mokena area.  Keep me in mind if you come across some good wholesale deals.  good luck

Hi @Teresa Hubbard ,

I live in the city of Chicago and I am new to BP and REI as well as I became a licensed broker last month. If you are looking for an investor friendly agent for your power team, I'm more than willing to lend a hand. Don't forget to check out local REIA's as they have folks who can be part of your power team as well.

@Teresa Hubbard

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