Ryan Webber RIP

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You have all blessed me beyond belief. My name is Sharon. I am Ryans mom. Today is 1 year since we lost this incredible man, my baby boy. I was searching for something on Ryan tonight & came across these posts! I want you all to know how much he loved this site, the conversations, the learning & the sharing. He would often tell me about the discussions. I can not put into words what it did for me to see all of these posts today! To come across one of his biggest joys & to see all of the wonderful thoughts you all had...wow, I am unable to express what it feels like. Ryan has been teaching something, all of his life. When he was 4, he was part of a group that were clowns for terminally ill children in hospitals...and it just progressed from there. Andy M...how fun to see the book list he shared. We were always avid readers & would "steal" each others books. Always checking each others bookshelves to see which books the other had stolen & claimed!" When Ryan died, I bought a journal. I had many people come see me that he had impacted over the years. I had them write something in the journal. My intention is to leave that journal for his children. I am excited to print each of your posts as well as his interview and put them in the journal. If you have anything else you would like in there, feel free to email to me. When you think about him, please keep his 4 children and 3 stepchildren in mind & prayer. It has been very hard on all of us, but especially hard on his children. Thank you ALL again for your kind words of remembrance. I will certainly cherish all of your posts!!!

Wow, I had no idea this happened until this was the top result on an entirely unrelated search. How sad and tragic. 

I was also one of the lucky people that got to meet Ryan at the Summit in Denver. I remember at the time, he was debating whether or not he would make the trip.

Along with so many others, I'm really glad he did. His presentation with Aaron was great. Afterwards, we talked for an hour or two and he was kind enough to answer a lot of questions I had about his wholesaling operation. He took his time and was so generous and willing to share his experiences. 

Some 6-12 months after the conference, I had a few other questions related to working with a partnership and doing wholesale deals. I sent him a text asking if I could talk to him for a few minutes. He called me right away and we talked for over an hour about some of his experiences and he offered me a lot of ideas based on what he'd experienced. He was honest about the good and the bad and quick to point out areas to be extra mindful of. 

I'm very thankful for what Ryan was kind enough to share with me in the short time I knew him. An all around good, generous person. I hope his family and his children are doing ok. 

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