Permit process for Kentucky repairs- Gorge region

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Hi Kentucky! I’m an investor in Colorado with a love for rock climbing which has brought me to the Kentucky market. Can anyone tell me about the inspection process for licensed work in Kentucky? Specifically:

HVAC installation and reconnecting gas service

Electrical inspection and connection of meter

What plumbing work might require a permit and inspection?


@Lauren H. call the local county permits/codes off for the county you would be working in. They will tell you what items need to be inspected/permitted. 

In Kentucky, all plumbing and HVAC related works are handled at the State level when it comes to permits and licenses. You can go online to and study their info. Recent personal experience had me taking care of a permit for a water heater. The experience wasn't bad, but if you want to do it yourself as a homeowner it's kind of tedious. You can save money that way by pulling the permits yourself ($45 for a water heater), but your name has to be on the deed. In case not, you need to hire a licensed contractor that will charge you around $150.00 for just going to the house (that includes pulling the permit, their service call fee, plus labor)