Flipping and Rentals in Aberdeen MD

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I just completed a 3/1 SFR REO I purchased and rehabbed for a buy and hold in Aberdeen. Still being marketed for rent since March 1 due to lower quality tenant pool and waiting to find the right tenant, so its been sitting on market longer than I expected. In fact, I just had to convert to vacant property insurance in the interim while it continues to be marketed since my current policy rep is hounding me about exceeding the 60 days allowed for it to remain vacant, and I didn't want to have them cancel my policy as a result. Don't know about the flip potential here, but I avoid south of the train tracks due to quality of the neighborhood there and lower associated rents. What are you looking to learn about?

Thanks for the response @Jeff Bridges . I live in Bel Air and I want to use the strategy of buying and flipping some with holding some and wholesaling the ones I don't want. I don't want to go into the Baltimore market and here in Bel Air the deals are few and far between. Don't want to go towards the Edgewood market so Aberdeen Md  IMO is a market that has potential future growth and there is always the need for housing with the Army base there (until at which time Congress decides to close it) I have actually volunteered with Habitat in rehabbing houses below the tracks and I agree with your assessment.  I'm looking to meet others doing deals in the Aberdeen, MD area, may be pick up a wholesale deal form someone to flip / rent.

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@Andy Gross Abingdon, MD is another potential area that I would look at for flipping. The area has a lot of townhomes, condos and single families in many price ranges. It's probably an area that I should do a little driving for deals to check it out. I see you're from Hawaii, are you investing in Abingdon? from there?

@Chuck Masters I'm from the Baltimore area and moving back in a month. I'm out here for work, and I'll working in Harford County. 

Aberdeen Proving Ground may be an Army base, but doesn't have as large of a transient population of other large bases. An employment center for sure, but I think the rental thesis is problematic.

I live in Aberdeen and we're working on funding. Gf is an agent and I'm stacking side funds. Have friends in construction/rehab, flip rehab, hvac, and elect. If we can meet/team for a few to get us all on the right path, send me a message.