Custom Home Builder on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?

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Hi All,

My good friend Marie is looking for a recommendation for a design build firm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, near Ocean City/Assateague Island. She and her husband are looking for a firm experienced in high end custom home building who is willing to work closely with the client throughout the design process.

Any recommendations that I can pass onto her?

Thanks so much in advance!
Liz Faircloth

Hi @Elizabeth Faircloth

I know two home builders that build in Ocean City. Both of their names are slipping my mind but if you message me Monday I can pull up their names at the office. I don't know if i would qualify them as "High End" per se but they were very interactive throughout the build process and open to custom add-on's and such. They do new build SFH homes on the island, which by Ocean City standards are pretty high end. Think anywhere from 350k-700k range.

However the really high end homes that are the multi million dollar plus homes are across the bridge off route 50.  If your friend is looking for that caliber then pull those listings and track down the builders that way.  Those houses are some of the grandest I've seen.  

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