Ron B.

19 June 2016

As a new member on BiggerPockets, Liz's informative and insightful blog posts have helped me a lot in learning about various aspects of real estate investing. From analyzing real estate deals to team building and managing rental properties, her articles display her wealth of experience as a real estate investor. The DeRosa Group's Youtube channel has a ton of informative videos that I have found to very educational. Liz and Matt's BP podcast - show 88 - is a must listen for both new and experienced investors who are trying to grow their real estate business. While I have not worked with Liz on any deals yet, I have reached out to her for information and help on a real estate related matter and she been incredibly kind with her advice and time. She has been in the real estate business for over a decade and I have found her to be extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and experience with everyone.

Joe White

22 February 2017

I've chatted with Elizabeth a few times here on Bigger Pockets...I always walk away with a few new insights. She has a professional and educated understanding of investing; with an approachable mindset.

Drew Sygit

24 March 2015

Drew was so incredibly helpful! He has a wealth of knowledge on how to build, sustain and grow an efficient property management company. Drew shared so many great tools and ideas with me! If you own property and are looking for a professional property management company, reach out to Drew and his team immediately!!!

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