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Hello All,

I am a junior at the University of Maryland studying business. After discovering BiggerPockets, I have been really excited about real estate investing. Right now I am in the process of getting my real estate license as well as learning all that I can about real estate investing. My goal is to become a full-time investor one day and would love to get started in the Montgomery County or Prince George's County area in Maryland. Also if there is any advice I can get from the BiggerPockets community, that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time   

Dont defer student debt payments, live cheaply to pay off student loans early, save, go to REAIs and Meetups...and Id also might consider not getting your license unless you plan on actively using it at this point in your life. A license costs thousands of dollars per year to maintain.

I have I have to agree fully with Russell, when I first went out to get my license I expected it to be expensive but there was definitely have sense of sticker shock at how much everything cost. And this is especially true if you want to get license in more than one jurisdiction. 

Look up @Brentin Hess he is around your age and making things happen in Baltimore.

Save up enough for 3.5% down on a 5 bedroom house after college and rent to a bunch of other cool young people. (House hacking)

Pick a degree with a quick path to six figure salary so you have more money to invest.

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