Bright MLS Is Now Active

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If you are in agent in DC, MD, VA....Bright MLS is now active. Kind of interesting looking at a larger scope of properties.

For those not aware, MRIS, the MLS system in DC/MD/VA, which was already the largest MLS in the country, combined with about 10 other MLS systems to create an even larger MLS system.

Originally posted by @Richard Mollel :

Whats your take on the new MLS ID? Missing the county designated ones (PG,MC,DC) or its just me?

I absolutely hate that there is no county designator in the MLS number. I understand why they had to do away with it with there being some locations in the other MLS systems that had the same identifier. But there are those few properties where there is Takoma Park and Silver Spring addresses but they are in PG county, which some people will get tripped up on I think.

I used that county designator a lot. Besides just being able to tell at a glance where something was, I do a lot of work writing computer programs to do various analyses and computations for me, and the county desginator made it a lot easier to know which property tax rate to apply, or where to look up the property in SDAT, etc. I'm sorry to see it go.