Seeking Independent Mortgage Broker / High LTV Portfolio Lender

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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to partner with my brother on a house hacking scenario in Metro Detroit, near Wayne State. He'd live there, and rent out the rooms, or other units to students. I'm not happy with what I am seeing for financing (75% LTV, higher costs than I'd expect). It may just be what it is, but I want to look around.

In the past I've always preferred working with independent mortgage brokers, instead of captive brokers. But all the ones I use to work with are gone now.  Does anyone have a independent mortgage broker they can recommend in Michigan? 

Alternatively, any portfolio lenders who go above 75% LTV on investment properties would be helpful.

Thanks All!

For mortgage brokers, I recommend Walter Tyslicki at Mortgage One

A couple years ago we went to cash-out-refi our Wells Fargo mortgage.  They wouldn't touch us because of all our rental property mortgages.   I went to several other banks who all balked after they learned about the properties we owned.  Walter was able to get me financed at a good rate.

Ironically, Wells ended up buying our mortgage after the refinance was complete.

@Greg Scott Would you mind if I use your mortgage broker recommendation as well? I also am ironically in the market for a mortgage broker! Thanks for saving me the post! @Kurt Hines

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