Twin Cities Eviction Companies

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I remember speaking with a company in Bloomington, MN or Richfield, MN that contracted out evictions for about $550.00.  I cannot find that number now, of course, when I need it.  Can anyone recommend a good company to handle an eviction?

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@John Woodrich Can you send me that referral as well. Would love to keep it as a back pocket number if and when an eviction need comes. 

I would recommend @Brad Schaeppi .  Sorry for the late response, have been putting a lot of time into RE the past few weeks and BP suffered!

In Hennepin and Ramsey, LLCs can use non-attorney agents (usually cheapest option for standard good tenant non-payment) for first appearance.   If you have a good tenant, no past work order concerns, who falls behind or stayed beyond the termination date, likely no problem with an agent at first appearance.  If you know you have a problem tenant or quite frankly a problem unit with habitability issues ("mold," bed bugs, etc), filing an eviction for non-payment of rent may be a terrible legal and financial decision.  Some agents know their stuff.  Some non-landlord attorneys attorneys don't.  Most active landlord tenant attorneys quickly diagnose false or overheated tenant claims and can confidently go on the offensive at first appearance, or in the alternative, know when to advise "cut bait" when "winning" at trial in court may be way more expensive than a quick reasonable settlement.  Many large landlords consistently use the best landlord attorneys even for basic evictions and happily pay for it.  Others don't see the value unless there is a complicated trial.  It really is a business decision.