St Louis MO area Investors!

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I live about 1.5 hours away from St Louis with the intention of moving closer to the city. I am looking to volunteer/work/intern all for free for an investor/mentor to get my feet wet in the real estate market. I have been learning/researching/thinking about getting into it for the past year but have not taken any real actions. The best way to learn is to do, and I am done sitting on my butt! Any advices/offers to take me under/meet ups are welcome! And I understand it is a business so I will be willing to offer free work/dinner/coffee in return for knowledge and experience!

Happy Connecting!

That's awesome!!!  I wish you were in California.

Southside Investment Club (SSIC) is the local REIA here which is the second largest in the country. It's a really good networking opportunity. The thread has a thread outlining interested parties in St Louis who want to meet. @Peter MacKercher has actually started a BP meetup, but I have yet to make it due to a busy work schedule.  Happy investing and I hope to meet you at some point in the future!

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