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Hello BP Fam,

I am looking to build up a team of individuals as I start my journey in REI. I want to start my search by getting any referrals for general contractors or a handyman who I can lean on if I need some repairs as they come up in a property that I may own in the future. I am also looking for a recommendation for a CPA and an attorney specialized in RE who I can leverage while I start searching for properties. My interest lies in investing in small multi-family properties (2-4 units) to start and working my way up from there.

Thanks in advance for any referrals and look forward to some great advice that hopefully I can pass on in the future to others.

@Rahul Sunkavalli Good morning, I would suggest attending the SJREIA meetings in your area. There is one for Middlesex County and one for Princeton. Both are filled with many landlords and referral sources.

@Robert S. really appreciate the response. I am looking to join a meetup locally in Princeton or so. Any suggestions of ones you know?


@Rahul Sunkavalli

There are several options to finding a local CPA.

1) Use the biggerpockets search function to see if someone already is in search of a CPA in Central New Jersey. I did a search and provided you links below. I like this choice because you can see who people recommended and ask people who they decided to go with and if they like working with their them.

2) Add the keyword alerts "Central NJ" and/or "Central New Jersey". You will notice that there are frequent posters who respond to posts that have these keywords. Network with these individuals and ask who they use for a CPA.

3) Attend local REIA events. These events will normally contain seasoned investors and would be more than happy to refer you to a CPA. You can find local REIA event through the Biggerpockets events section or

4) If you are still unable to find a CPA that matches your needs. You may want to reach out to a CPA that works with clients remotely. There are many CPA's on this site that do so.

In the meantime - feel free to ask any tax related question. I would be more than happy to help give my opinion.

@Rahul Sunkavalli The Princeton SJREIA is run by @Justin Fraser . They meet once a month. Great organization for both beginners and lifetime real estate investors.

@Robert S. Thank you for the tip. I will definitely try to start attending those meetings.

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