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My husband and I are into flipping in Fair Lawn NJ and rentals in Hudson County NJ. I'm excited to network with the rest of the BP family based in our area. Feel free to pm me = )

Welcome to BP! I grew up in Fair Lawn. Good area to flip in, especially if you like doing add-a-levels to the many cape cods they have there. 

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Hey Maybelle,

I too am in Fair Lawn but have not had any luck with landing any properties in town. As you know, price points here in Fair Lawn are a little on the high side. My partners and I are basically looking for properties anywhere in Bergen County, looking to do our first flip possibly in Teaneck. Good luck, and if you are interested in connecting, would love to talk business with somebody so local.  

@Maybelle Francisco Welcome, glad to see that you are doing well in FairLawn. I have not found anything in that area, but if you have something that you are trying to wholesale or partner on, please let me know. I am mainly a builder so I focus on additions or new constructions more than rehabs, but with that being said, I don't disregard rehabs. 

What kind of deals and discounts are you finding there? Give me a scenario on some numbers that you have done or are doing right now. 

If you ever need any advice or opinion, please don't be afraid to reach out. 

@Maybelle Francisco - I looked at several properties in Fair Lawn, but the numbers haven't been making any sense. I'm also looking in Teaneck, Bergenfield and Garfield. Please keep us posted on your findings and experience. Good luck!

Fair Lawn and Bergen County as a whole comes with a hefty price tag. It all depends on your flipping strategy. Are you interested in properties that need an extensive amount of work done to them? Or properties that just need light renovations?

If you need an architect I am very investor friendly and have completed projects in Fair Lawn and near by Glen Ridge. Actually just passed the Glen Ridge (HPC) Historic Preservation Commision with flying colors. PM me if needed.

Welcome to BP Maybelle!

Lived 21 Years in fair lawn you have your expensive side (Radburn area) and your less expensive side by Walsh pool complex. But the town was always good to me.

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