Duplex in North Bergen/Weehawken Area

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Curious if anyone has any insight or experience with Duplexes in the North Bergen area. Currently rent in Hoboken and looking to purchase first home. My wife wants to purchase a SFH and I want to build rental property portfolio, so it seemed like a good compromise could be a duplex where we could live in one unit and rent out other unit while building some equity and updating the property.

I'm considering the same thing. There's quite a few small multifamily buildings in the area (2-4 family buildings), which is more what I'm leaning towards. More units means more potential for cashflow...Just be careful on taxes - quite a few cities in Bergen and Hudson counties are reassessing taxes soon (generally this would mean they are raising taxes). 

I am in Union City...close to N. Bergen.  I finally convinced my wife to get into a multi-fam...good luck.  Duplex and 3-fam is the way to go if you plan on living in it.  I believe 4 fam and over in the area are rent controlled.