Great Property Managers (Charlotte, NC)?

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Anyone willing to make a recommendation of a great property manager in the West Charlotte, NC area? (near the airport)

The property is a 56 unit C-class apartment that has suffered through some eviction headaches and a couple code enforcement issues.

Thanks in advance!

This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

You can reach out to and mention me. I'm not sure what they are taking on as far as units are concerned. I use them for a couple properties and will continue.

Hi I want to switch property managers in Charlotte for a property.  I have had them for 2 years and believe I am getting subpar service.  Do you know if I can terminate a contract with property manager and keep the tenant?  

Also, I looked at the reviews for MW properties on yelp and they were mixed. would you still recommend them or anyone else?



We have had very good luck with Dazcon but not sure if they do apt buildings. You can Contact Neal Tobias Broker / Realtor Property Manager or if you want to message me your contact info I can have him contact you. Please tell him Cindy Bowman of The Ramsey Group at Keller Williams recommended him. 

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