Local Painters in Bucks County PA?

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Hello Everyone!
We are doing a new rehab project in Bucks County PA. We are looking to expand our network and are in need of painters and handymen. 

Any recommendations?
Many thanks!

Liz Faircloth

@James Brunetto, jr   Thank you so much for your recommendation and suggestion! We are very involved with Meetups/networking in NJ where we invest and have lived for many years. We are now moving to New Hope - are you aware of any good investor meetups in the New Hope area? Thanks again!

@Elizabeth Faircloth as far as locally, I haven't found anything too close. There is DIG though (Diversified real estate investment group) which I heard was good/nearby, but it's a paid membership group. (https://www.digonline.org/). I recently started going to a group in the city of Philadelphia called "Philadelphia Multifamily Investors"  (https://www.meetup.com/incomepropertiesportfolio-Philadelphia/events/254362029/). It's been helpful, but it can be hit or miss as far as attendance. Sometimes it's 20 people, other times it's 5 people. 

I heard/am attending a good event over in Trenton next week for the meet up "Mercer County Investors - Explore Wealth Creation Strategies". Heard the speaker for this one is pretty good, you might know him :)  Anyway, congrats on the move to New Hope! My wife and I love that area it's beautiful (we are over in Doylestown). If you have time to meet up and discuss real estate please let me know. My wife and I are always looking for a reason to go there.