Saying hi to the group

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Hi, just wanted to say hi to the group. I wear a lot of hats, as many people do on this site. I own some investment properties in South County, teach in Norther RI, and I am a real estate agent licensed in MA and RI. I listen to bigger pockets podcasts all the time and finally decided to start posting. I love there is a RI forum and already have come across some great questions. 

I would like to be an active contributor as time goes on. 

Hi @Paul Ruhle , great to meet you and welcome!

I own a number of units here in RI and have done a little bit of everything, property management, rehabs, wholesaling, private lending, foreclosures, short sales, etc.

Always glad to say hi to new folks like yourself 😊

Hi @Paul Ruhle , nice to meet you!  Fellow RI investor here.  I've been investing for 3 years and also work full time in the medical I.T. field.  Two very different hats, much like yourself, but I like them both!  Looking forward to connecting with you!

Hi @Nancy DeSocio . Is it funny how many hats we wear and take on over the course of our lives. I never would have thought I would wear so many, lol. What kind of investments have you made? Single family, multi, commercial? I have kept mine to single family houses at the moment, started about 8 years ago. Once I started, it made sense to get my real estate license. Now I love working with friends and family in helping them find houses or investments. 

Well hello there! Welcome to BP and congrats on your first post. BP offers a wide range of resources and if you don't know an answer to a question, someone probably has asked it. Look forward to chit chatting!